Debt Collection

Debt collection

If you provide the correct goods and/or services in a timely manner and at the right price, you are entitled to due payment in full.

Debt collecting is an integral part of any business serving the shipping industry. It must be effective to ensure cash flow is maintained and bad debts do not mount up. It is also time consuming and often complex. For small companies it can tie-up management time, distracting them from better serving valued customers. For large companies, credit staff have to ensure important accounts perform well, whilst also giving sufficient attention to problem debts.

Marine Debt Management (MDM) provides a comprehensive global debt collection service which ensures problem debts are dealt with quickly whatever their size. In most cases, we can offer a cost effective alternative to legal action. Our aim is always to obtain settlement without harming commercial relationships between our clients and their customers.

Debts can be passed to us for collection on a case-by-cases, en bloc or regular basis. In the latter case, we act as an extension of the clients’ in-house procedures, handling all accounts meeting pre-agreed criteria.

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