Credit check

Credit check

Who can’t pay? Who won’t pay? Who knows? We do!

Business success depends upon two things: attracting customers and getting paid. This is especially true for companies serving the international shipping industry. Most operate in highly competitive sectors, so the temptation is always to treat getting the sale as the priority. Determining risk is difficult because reliable information is often hard to find and may be misleading. Vessels are not normally directly owned by their operators, managers or agents, so correctly identifying who is responsible for payment is not straightforward.

Subscribers to Marine Debt Management’s Credit Check service contact us for up-to-date reports on the background, financial standing and business reputation of ship owners, operators, managers and agents. We also report on related businesses, such as marine catering contracting and management companies.

Our reports are informed by our ever expanding database, which contains details of all debts passed to us for collection as well as debts notified to us by third-parties. This information is supplemented by our research and expert analysis to produce concise reports containing only relevant data.

Our Credit Check reports enable clients to make timely, informed and strategic decisions about current and potential customers with confidence.

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